The SPVM capture an alligator on the loose in an alley

animal-ensuite-ete-capture-misThe Montreal police received a call to say the least unusual little before one o’clock on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a citizen of the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, who had just met Mr. Ali in an alley.

The call was perfectly justified since Mr. Ali is an alligator who was on the run after fleeing from the carrying tray.

The police managed to subdue the reptile until the arrival of members of the animal shelter Berger Blanc who captured and caged.

It was only this morning that the owner of the beast, Emilia Gaudry, has manifested to recover the beast.

The woman owns an entertainment company that makes educational presentations reptiles and other exotic animals for various events.

Ali was in transit at Madame Gaudry after being introduced earlier in the day at a children’s party and had to be brought back to its shelter the next day.

However, the employee who brought the beast home had not closed the tray, the alligator came out and as it was very hot and the door of the residence of its owner was open, had taken off.

Ms. Gaudry, who holds a zoological garden license, said he had searched in vain for the animal and notify the police provided this morning when she learned of his capture new.

She said the animal, which is 6 years old, is socialized and accustomed to human presence, but is nevertheless a wild animal about which caution is always appropriate.

She added that this was the first such incident since the company’s creation in 2008.

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