The star Donald Trump, on Hollywood Boulevard, vandalized

donald-trump-eu-droit-etoileThe star of the billionaire Republican candidate for the presidential Donald Trump was vandalized a large yellow X on Thursday on the Way of Fame in Hollywood, before being quickly cleaned.

An AFP reporter found that the star, located on Hollywood Boulevard portion of which the pavement is tiled with a litany of star names of the biggest stars of film and television, had been cleaned.

Leron Gubler, director of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the organization that manages the Way of Fame, said that “people who have a problem with Donald Trump,” the head of the presidential race in the Republican camp “should not express it on the Road to Fame”.

In December, the star of television fallen star Bill Cosby, who faces charges of sexual assault by about 50 women, had also been vandalized, the word “rapist” has been written on that front it is this time too quickly cleaned.

Donald Trump received his star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” in 2007 to celebrate the success of his reality show, The Apprentice.

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