The State of New York will offer a minimum wage of 15 dollars

cette-revalorisation-salariale-employes-restaurationThe Democratic Governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced Thursday he would propose to raise the minimum wage for state employees of 8.75 at $ 15 per hour after a similar recommendation for the sole employees of fast food.

“I will not only offer state elected New York (minimum wage) $ 15 for employees of fast food. (…) Every worker in the state deserves a minimum wage of 15 dollars, “said at an event in Manhattan M. Cuomo, joined by union officials and US Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Cuomo, 2.2 million workers would be affected by the wage increase, which has yet to be validated by the Republicans from the state parliament.

No US state has yet proposed a minimum wage at that height, but cities like Seattle and San Francisco have already done.

At the federal level, the minimum wage stood at 7.25 dollars since 2009. President Barack Obama has proposed to increase it to $ 12, what is against the Congress, mostly Republican.

Cuomo had recommended in July to carry 8.75 $ 15 minimum wage hourly restaurant employees, campaigning on this issue for two years.

This salary increase of fast food employees must be introduced gradually: in the city of New York by 2018 and other localities by 2021.

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