The STM freeze its rates for six months

1091394Customer subway and bus service in the Montreal Transit Corporation (STM) will be allowed a short respite of six months without raising tariffs in early 2016, to “take into account the economic climate and the difficulties of Delivery of bus service “during the past year.

The STM will reassess the relevance in July 2016 to increase its prices or not, while its revenues from users are lower than expected for the current year and that its bus services remain disrupted due to lack of drivers , the delay in vehicle maintenance and congestion caused by the countless sites that clog the streets of Montreal.

In presenting the budget 2016 the company yesterday, the Director General Luc Tremblay refers to “fluctuations” in attendance subway and bus, without providing precise data on the number of passengers carried during the first 10 months of 2015. The STM, however, anticipated revenue from 620 million users in its current budget while the latest forecasts Rather totaled 611.7 million, a shortfall of nearly 9 million.

The year 2015 was not easy for the STM. The new metro cars Azur were not at the rendezvous, due to problems in the development of on-board train control software. The iBus system, which will allow users to know in real time where their buses and was expected in 2015, will gradually be deployed in 2016.

Finally, a high rate of absenteeism among drivers and maintenance STM employees, inflated by including mental health problems, has ensured that bus services have experienced delays and failures with medium coverage approximately 99.1% of the planned services, whereas this rate was in the past around 99.4%.

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