The strike continues in schools in the province

enseignants-souhaitent-augmentation-135-3The strike of teachers and support staff continues across the province. For a second day this week, students from the Commission scolaire de Montreal (CSDM) and Marguerite-Bourgeoys (CSMB) are private lessons.

There is talk of over 110,000 students, not counting those affected school boards in other regions, including Outaouais, Monteregie and Estrie.

Since yesterday morning, several rallies were held in the administrative building of school boards to block access to staff. So far, the strike took place peacefully. With the one-day strike today, the affected students have missed three days of school since the school year.

According to government rules, the school calendar is 180 days. To date, there is no indication that these lost days will be overtaken. But the CSDM said to be in talks with the Department of Education to regain those lost days. If an agreement is not reached between the government and the education unions, another movement could be started rotating strikes in November and then in December.

In Quebec, the Minister of Education, Franqois Blais, reiterated yesterday that he was following the situation closely. The government was more open in denier days on teachers’ working hours (maintaining 32h), but it has not folded over the salary issue. Teachers want an increase of 13.5% over 3 years, 7.5% the first year and 3% per year for subsequent years. The employer wants a freeze until 2016 and an increase of 1% per year until 2019.

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