The Supreme Court will hear the appeal of Morasse Nadeau-Dubois on

gabriel-nadeau-dubois-ete-reconnu(Quebec) The Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear the case which pits the “green square” Jean-François Morasse and “red square” former leader of the broad Coalition of the Association for Student Union Solidarity (CLASSE ), Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, acquitted of contempt of court in January by the Court of Appeal.

Mr. Morasse the applicant in this case, received with relief the decision Thursday morning. “I was very happy. It represents three years of work, “he says.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was convicted in the Superior Court on 1 November 2012 for contempt of court and sentenced to 120 hours of community service for statements on RDI. He was later acquitted by three judges of the Court of Appeal on January 21. A decision that was “shocked, shocked, sickened” Mr. Morasse.

The judges then explained that it was impossible to prove beyond any doubt that Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, then spokesperson for CLASSE, knew of the existence of an injunction granted May 2, 2012 to Jean-François Morasse him to attend her classes despite the strike. They add that when the disputed May 13 interview in which Mr. Morasse contends that Mr. Nadeau-Dubois encouraged the strikers to violate the injunctions, the student leader was exercising his freedom of expression.

“The issues are to know how someone should have specific knowledge or not the contents of an order and do the limits of freedom of expression may serve as a defense” says the lawyer of Mr. Morasse, Me Maxime Roy.

The latter is “extremely happy for the cause”, but also satisfied professionally can plead before the Supreme Court. “This is a very rare occasion. She hears a hundred cases a year, “said the lawyer, adding that the work is just beginning. The presentation of arguments usually lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. According to Roy, a decision could be made within 6-12 months, depending on the timetable to be proposed to the parties.

Mr. Morasse feels very “privileged” to be able to defend his case before the Supreme Court. In 2014, he advances, it accepted only 80 of the 500 requests for hearing. “It’s a very small percentage and they only choose the causes they consider most important for the national interest.”

Jean-François Morasse is financially supported by the 1625 Foundation, an organization that brings together opponents of the strike of spring 2012 during the now famous Spring maple. The money raised is done on an individual basis. “This is a collective victory because there are so many people who contributed financially,” let the applicant know.

Whichever has raised $ 50,000 for his fight, donors maintain a certain revolt that students have been deprived of their education. “People are convinced that in Quebec, it is not normal for students to be prevented from going to their college courses and the University by students who are taking strike votes often all wrong.”


“After more than three years, I would have liked to turn the page says Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. But my determination is intact. I am more determined than ever to defend my beliefs as I have always done. For a very simple reason: I am deeply convinced that I never committed contempt of court, “he continues.

Sympathy wind had swept to assist in his defense. His support committee had collected $ 100,000. Mr. Nadeau-Dubois ensures that funds remain and that no financial barriers are placed on the remaining procedures.

Namely, if it considers the steps taken toward him as the relentlessness, he preferred not to comment. “The reproaches me about it were made three years ago. I let people judge the motives of Mr. Morasse, “he concludes.

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