The Syrian diaspora Montreal manifest against the Russian bombings

cette-image-figure-site-bombardeAfter Berlin, London and Toronto, it was the turn of the Syrian diaspora in Montreal to protest Saturday afternoon to denounce the massive bombing of Russia in Syria that continue to innocent victims.

The Syrian community of Montreal, which could be enriched by new elements if the Liberals honor their election commitment to host thousands of refugees from that country, will gather in front of the Russian consulate located on Avenue of the Museum, downtown .

A spokesman for the Syrian Canadian Council Alazem Faisal, said that the recent Russian military intervention was done under the false pretext to attack the Islamic State. For him, the Russian bombings target groups that are both opponents of the Islamic state and the regime of Bashar al-Assad, in the same breath killing innocent civilians including women, children and people who believe in democratic and plural system.

According to him, the Russian presence simply reinforces the dictatorial regime of Bashar Assad.

Mr. Alazem recalls that it is west of Syria, which happens to be the scene of all operations.

Russia wants to defend its naval base, only opening towards the Mediterranean while the Iranians them need an opening to Lebanon to bring aid to Hezbollah. And it is in the west would have held strikes against those who support democracy.

Mr. Alazem also said he did not immediately rejected the decision of the new Trudeau government to stop participating in air strikes against the Islamic state in the Middle East, given the very limited nature of the Canadian response.

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