The tail wind was not blowing hard enough for the Bloc

gilles-duceppe-embrasse-sa-femme(Quebec) The “tail wind” mentioned Gilles Duceppe ultimately did not blow hard enough to allow the Bloc Quebecois leader heading back to Ottawa with a strong delegation of MEPs.

Besides having again suffered defeat in Laurier-Sainte-Marie, Mr. Duceppe, aged 68, has not allowed the sovereigntist training – which had only two members to the dissolution of Parliament – to reconnect with official recognition.

“The results are not exactly the ones we desired, but we conducted a truly beautiful country,” he said, to the applause of some 350 activists gathered at Cabaret La Tulipe in Montreal.

Mr. Duceppe did not say a word about his future, he who had resigned just days after the crushing defeat of 2011, when the Bloc was elected four deputies.

Early in the night, Tuesday the sovereigntist training had nine elected members and one ahead, three-seat threshold needed to qualify for official party status in the House of Commons.

“We almost thought we lost but we are more present than it was launched Duceppe. We arrived a little short of our goal, but we went far. ”

If this result is better than that of four years ago, it is still far from the rule that the party carried on for over two decades, even having already formed the official opposition with 54 members. Provincially, the sovereigntist training harvested 19.7 percent of support around midnight, compared with 23 percent in 2011.

Mr. Duceppe, who was defeated by New Democrat Hélène Laverdière by more than 5,000 votes in 2011, trailed by more than 2,555 votes after the counting of 178 ballot boxes out of 230.

The leader of the Bloc Quebecois has often recalled having undertaken the electoral marathon 78 days with a “headwind”, which turned into a “tailwind” after his performance at two French debates allowed him to out.

Mr. Duceppe banked on the scenario of a minority government in the hope that its candidates enjoy warm struggles to three or four to sneak. It did not happen, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals having swept the Canadian electoral map to get a majority.

“I want to congratulate Justin Trudeau for his well-deserved victory, he put together a side,” acknowledged Mr. Duceppe, after greeting the heads of other federal parties.

Nevertheless, the Bloc leader believes he witnessed the beginning of “something” or “convergence of many militant sovereignist forces.”

It has also not missed the opportunity to welcome the support of the Parti Québécois organizations, Option nationale and Québec solidaire.

The PQ leader Pierre Karl Peladeau, who has not been seen at La Tulipe, chose to use social networks to be heard.

“Huge thanks to Gilles for his commitment and the new life it provides to sovereignists,” said he wrote on his Twitter account.

The position of Mr. Péladeau the Bloc place has changed considerably since the return of Mr. Duceppe. In 2014 the PQ leader was particularly questioned the relevance of its federal cousin.

Ironically, Mario Beaulieu, who had given up his party leader last June to Mr. Duceppe, was one of the big winners of the evening, winning his bet in the Montreal riding of La Pointe-de-island .

This is also the victory of one that sparked the most applause from the supporters. In addition to Mr. Beaulieu, the Bloc Quebecois also saw one of its veterans, Louis Plamondon, being reelected in Bas-Richelieu-Nicolet-Bécancour.

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