The trial of Guy Turcotte murder must resume Monday

guy-turcotteAfter a two-day suspension, the Guy Turcotte trial should resume on Monday at the courthouse in St. Jerome.

André Vincent J. of the Superior Court to suspend the conduct of the case in late afternoon Wednesday since a juror had to undergo minor surgery Thursday, which resulted in a two-day convalescence. A jury trial can not proceed in the absence of one of its members.

The former cardiologist has pleaded not guilty to two counts of premeditated murder charge against him.

However, he admitted having killed his two children, Olivier, five and Anne-Sophie, three.

On Monday, the testimony of François Julien, a blood screening expert, must continue. The testimony of the man who has worked throughout his career at the Laboratory of Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine of Montreal, began Wednesday. He then describes how had occurred two toddlers murders.

It is the eighth Crown witness heard which provides in total 30.

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