The tribute to Michael Brown marred by violence

suspect-fusillade-eclate-dimanche-soirA protester was shot and critically wounded by police on which he had drawn Ferguson Sunday night, after a protest which started peacefully in honor of Black youth shot by a white police officer a year ago in this city in Missouri, United States.

A group of demonstrators faced a policeman Sunday night dam Ferguson.

Violence erupted after the tribute to Michael Brown, who brought together some 300 people, when two rival gangs exchanged gunfire, police said. A man who fled then crossed four plainclothes police installed in a van and fired at them.

The police chief told the St. Louis, Jon Belmar, told the press that the man had hit the police vehicle, which countered.

“The three officers were all shot the suspect and he fell,” said Jon Belmar adding that the man was in a “critical” condition in hospital, where it operated.

Images AFP showed a black man handcuffed in the back, lying face down on the ground and bleeding profusely.

Jon Belmar declined to say what skin color were plainclothes police.

The first shots between the two bands have left some 50 sockets, has he said, referring to an “exchange of gunfire” and stating that the perpetrators of the shooting were not demonstrators but “criminals”.

“There is a small group of people here who intend to ensure that peace can not be imposed,” he added.

The police officers involved were all between six and 12 years of experience and have been suspended.

Earlier, fifty rioters looted a store in the city of Missouri.

The protesters, wearing t-shirts bearing the image of the young man who died at 18, observed thirty four minutes of silence to symbolize the four and a half hours during which Michael Brown’s body remained in the street, face against the ground before being taken to the morgue.

Two doves were released over the crowd to mark the anniversary of his death, August 9, 2014.

“Stop killing black children” could be read on a sign, which were drawn two pistols crossed as a sign of prohibition. “Black lives matter” (“black life account”), proclaimed another, the name of the movement born since.

A silent march was held in calm to a church that had served as a refuge during violent riots Ferguson in November 2014 after the announcement of the dismissal of charges against the white policeman.

In New York, dozens of people have paid tribute to Union Square to Michael Brown, and called for new protests against police violence against minorities.

About a hundred demonstrators gathered in Brooklyn for a “die-in” (action where participants simulate death), according to an AFP photographer.

Little progress

The death of Michael Brown had rekindled racial tensions were exacerbated in the United States police brutality Business Wire to Black, triggering a wave of anger and indignation.

On Friday, a policeman still shot a black 19 year old student unarmed Christian Taylor, who had dark with his car in the window of a car dealership in Texas.

The president of the NAACP, largest defense association of civil rights of black Americans, believes that attitudes have changed much. But legislative reforms requiring the police to account proceed at a pace “glacial,” said Cornell William Brooks on CBS.

Obama dismissed criticism accusing him the first Black US president not doing enough to fight against racism during his two terms.

“I feel taken great urgency to accomplish as much as possible” before leaving office in January 2017, he said in an interview with NPR.

In November, Ferguson riots had spread to other US cities and have reignited the debate in the country about how the white police use of force against blacks, especially young men.

In Ferguson where police have been the target of much criticism for its racism – confirmed by a damning report from the Department of Justice – and its paramilitary methods, the police chief and several city officials and justice resigned or replaced.

The new police chief recently appointed, is a Black. He pledged to instil “respect, cultural awareness and professionalism that the community deserves.”

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