The UN dismisses employees for possessing child pornography

quatre-employes-ete-renvoyes-parceFour UN staff caught in possession of child pornography images were returned while two others were dismissed after respectively transported marijuana in an official vehicle and threatened to kill a head of mission, according to a report obtained by the AFP Friday.

The report of the UN Deputy Secretary General in charge of managing back on 60 cases of misconduct or alleged crimes committed by some of the 40 000 UN employees between June 2014 and July 2015.

Four employees were fired because they “saved pornographic images, including pornography involving a minor, on UN computers” and shared the images through their work e-mail, according to the report.

After “threatened to kill or repeatedly suggested that employees could assassinate the head of mission,” a UN member was also thanked.

Another employee was fired for it transported 173 kilograms of marijuana in an official vehicle of the UN.

Attacking a colleague with a knife and steal 2200 dollars in the luggage of a traveler aboard a flight chartered by the UN, or visit his office to tractor top “with intent to cause damage and injury to the superior “, are some of the other cases covered in the report.

Eight employees suspected of crimes were transferred to the authorities of their country of origin, according to the report, however, does not specify the places where the incident occurred, or whether the proceedings were instituted.

This report does not cover the conduct of peacekeepers serving in mission. The image of UN soldiers involved in UN peacekeeping missions around the world has been tarnished in recent months by the revelation of a series of cases of rape and sexual abuse, especially Central African Republic.

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