The US does not crack for Kinder Surprise

kinder-surprise-remonteA citizen of Richmond has learned the hard way that not Mess with the cocos Kinder surprise to the United States.

Wanting to please his goddaughter currently in Boston for Easter, Louis-Philippe Hébert carrying two of these famous harbor eggs for children’s toys without knowing the potential danger they represented for the inhabitants of Uncle Sam.

“We go to Derby Line, because it is faster and normally we bought special Easter surprise Kinder for our godson. Customs officers decided to search the car and they came back with the eggs in their hands, saying it was illegal in the United States. They imagined that it was a joke, but it really is prohibited. We did not even know that illegally returning from Kinder. ”

This was however not the end of his troubles.

“We did not persist for not attracting problems. They were told to take them, but they can not even throw them on US soil! He had to go back on foot in Canada to cast our side and it seems I’m not the first. It then took that I will return to US Customs, always walking between two cars. We found it very funny and very ironic; Kinder Surprise is a public danger, and allowed virtually enter firearms in schools. This is not a legend. ”

Choking Hazards

When contacted by The Tribune, US Customs have confirmed that he was allowed to bring chocolate, but Kinder eggs were banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the equivalent of the Agency of Public Health Canada – because of choking risks of toys contained within eggs.

“It is not because it is an empty chocolate in which we could hide illicit substances, mentioned agent suspiciously when questioned by the newspaper, but because of the plastic toys that are dangerous for children . ”

The ban dates as far back as in 1938, when a law banned all sweets containing non-nutritive objects like toys. Designed in 1970 by Ferrero, Kinder eggs are considered illegal since their appearance.

Fortunately, the godson of Louis-Philippe Hébert, he is alive and well.

“We bought him other chocolates and he liked our story!” He recounts with a laugh.

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