The Volkswagen action returns to form

action-volkswagen-pris-peu-plusThe Frankfurt Stock Exchange finished Wednesday’s session up, pulled up, once will not hurt, by the title of Volkswagen, the automaker still mired in millions of its cars rigged.

While its action was laminated over the past two weeks, when was discovered that 11 million cars were equipped with software that can rig the emission tests, Volkswagen has taken the color Stock Exchange Wednesday. Until finishing in first place in the Dax with a rise of 7.12% to 104 euros ($ 153 CDN).

The measures taken by his new boss Matthias Müller, to organize the recall of vehicles involved and review the adequacy of all the group’s investment projects appeared reassuring for investors. Moreover, the head of the twelve brands gigantic group assured not to see sales drop for the moment.

Other automotive values ​​also fired their game, with an increase of 4.28% to 85.74 euros ($ 126 CAD) for BMW and 2.35% to 69.69 euros ($ 102 CAN ) for Daimler.

The index starring Dax, who added three consecutive rising sessions since the beginning of the week, gained 0.68% to 9970.40 points. The mood was gloomier side of the index average values ​​MDax, which fell 0.14% to 19 943.58 points.

Investors have quickly recovered from the disappointing figures of industrial production in August, stood out, as already factory orders on Tuesday and more marked decline than expected, yet a sign of dynamism weakened somewhat in the German economy.

After a slight downward revision by the IMF of its economic growth forecasts for 2015 in Germany, it should be Thursday to turn the main economic institutes of the country to show a little more pessimistic. According to the German press, their prognosis goes down to 1.8% for 2015, while in the spring, is still forecasting growth of 2.1%.

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