The Walking Dead Season 7: Norman Reedus (Daryl) & Andrew Lincoln (Rick), “Hold on, there’s something big is waiting for you!”

the-walking-dead-saison-7-amc-norman-reedusWhile 7 of The Walking Dead season is highly anticipated by fans of the first hour, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln took the time to confide the terrible scene of the season finale!

How our heroes will he be okay? And yes meltynautes is indeed the question that fans have been asking for the season finale aired. Rick how he will save his group if it was to survive? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Ross Marquand (Aaron) on the season premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead , Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln took advantage of their visit to Comic-Con in San Diego trusting the site Vulture . first of all, know that Norman Reedus does not want the end of season 6 is limited to the last scene because there is much more behind it : “the season finale of the scene is the point starting all that will follow then. the first episode will focus on it. this scene was not really the end of the season. the end of season mainly concerned the change of power. It is passed from the hands of Rick those of Negan. it was heartbreaking to see the captain of our team as well and see everyone down. ”

For his part, Andrew Lincoln implore us to hold on during the first part of the season 7 because something even crazier ahead : . “Rick is the archetypal hero is the figure of the hero in the group. You can not destroy such an image, it is almost dangerous to do so. this will be a difficult road to the public at least for a while because they will see their favorite characters fall apart. But we must hang you because at the end, there is something far more huge waiting for you! ” One thing is certain, all these confidences we put the mouth water. Roll on October! Pending more information, discover the secrets of Jeffrey Dean Morgan for his role in the Negan 7 of The Walking Dead season melty. What do you think of these confidences?

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