The well-deserved retirement of Michel Guy

travaille-fromagerie-perronMichel Guy in mashed cheese in his life. He worked at Fromagerie Perron in Saint-Prime for more than 47 years.

“I started at the age of 15-16 years during the summer. I was already working on the farm of my father, but as we were not rich, I started working at the dairy. It was the old cheese factory, next to here, “he recounts.

The man who just turned 65 do not yet realize that he would retire after many years of making cheese, when we met him Wednesday of last week, before his last day of work . “I played with the cheese. I started as a cheese using Marius Lamontagne. We were eight or nine employees at the time. Today we are over 80 to make the cheese. The technology has evolved, but the technique to make good cheese remains the same, “says the man, his eyes twinkling.

When he began working toward 1968 Michel Guy earned 45 cents an hour. Upon leaving, he was earning $ 18. “You had to be good with the boss to negotiate increases. At the time, I was working in the morning in the dark and I was about $ 45 a week, “he recalls. He worked two summers in the old before the new cheese factory is built.

During our visit, Michel admits still love his work. But age catches up. The packaging of twists physical rest. Michel spent much of the day standing. He bagged packages of 10 kilograms of twists. The small shovel used to fill becomes heavy at the end of the day.

One thing he will not be bored, the wash basins and equipment. “It will never fail me. It represents 80% of the work. Fortunately, it was mechanized and the products are more effective. When I started, I had the dead arm at the end of the day as was rubbed. It was not an easy job, “he says.

At the time, he separated cheese fork and the curdling of milk was done by hand.

Aged cheese

Michel Guy has so much experience that he can know the visual or touch if an aged cheese wheel is good or not. “Even today, just look, I can tell you. That new employees are not able to do. I learned that Marius Lamontagne I consider the best cheese that has happened here. Him, it did not taste the cheese. Only by pressing and handling it in the pool, he knew if he was to his liking. He was never wrong. It was a very conscientious and perfectionist. I have fond memories of him, “he says.

Although he rubbed Albert Perron for several years, man has less marked than his friend cheese. “I’ve never seen Albert make cheese, he was in office,” if he recalls.

According to Michel Guy, which makes the fame of the Perron is linked to the consistent quality maintained over the years. “Never bosses have skimped on quality. The attention that is worn for cleaning and hygiene keeps a cheese of a very high quality. ”

Michel Guy believes that when it started, the cheese was almost biological. “I think the cheese was better at the time. Each producer was wearing her milk and there was less than in products. Also, having a small production helped to have a slightly different taste today. It was more artisanal, the basin in which the cheese was manufactured very small, “he says.

Despite all these years to brew, the 64 year old man did not abuse cheese curds. “I’m not a cheese lover. I would have been fine to eat a lot. Fortunately, because I do not make cholesterol today, “he says, laughing.

Thursday, when he finished his last shift at 14 h 30, he went on saying that it is the people he meets for several years who will miss him the most. “It’s like a family home Perron. I have good co-workers. It’ll really funny not to see and not to feel the peculiar smell of the cheese. It’s going to miss me … “he drops looking away.

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