Theft of protective suits in Paris the authorities concerned

homme-vetu-combinaison-protection-contreTen combinations of protection against Ebola mysteriously disappeared at the Necker Children’s Hospital of Paris. With them, too, several pairs of boots polyethylene, resistant to chemicals, gloves and masks were stolen.

The management of the hospital told the Parisian authorities that medical equipment was stored in a secure room. However, it would have been accessible to several members of the hospital.

In the fifteenth arrondissement, where is located the Necker Hospital, the mayor Philippe Goujon was quick to express its concerns about this mysterious disappearance. “After the Prime Minister’s alarmist statements on possible chemical attack is necessarily disturbing,” he has said.

On Thursday, before the Assembly, Manuel Valls warned the population of a new risk. “I say of course with all the precautions, but we know, and we have in mind, it may also be the risk of chemical or bacteriological weapons. ”

In the past, the terrorist group Islamic State has already used chemical weapons in Syria in particular. The threat of a mustard gas attack is not to rule, agree that the French authorities.

Besides, three days after the attacks in Paris, a decree was passed allowing the army to supply medical services of atropine sulfate in an emergency. This substance acts as an antidote for contact with sarin gas.

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