Theriault leave Public Safety

lise-theriault-actuellement-conge-pour(Quebec) Currently recuperating for burnout, Lise Theriault will not return to the Department of Public Safety require, La Presse reported reliable sources.

On the spot for several days after the alleged misconduct of the police station of Val d’Or to indigenous, Minister Thériault had been very emotional during a press briefing on this issue last week.

But his behavior at the last meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday, helped it to be put to rest for an indefinite period. After the whip Stéphane Billette had lamented that a minister has made ​​an announcement in a district without the member be warned, Ms. Thériault took over and downright harangued his fellow ministers.

Embarrassed, government members were unsure how to calm things down, watching the ground for the remonstrances of the raging Minister downright raging, did we told La Presse. Ms. Thériault was seen by a doctor, his former colleague Yves Bolduc that deals with health problems of most elected Liberals in Quebec.

Internally, it is explained that it could not easily return to stressful as Minister of Public Safety, which has been entrusted to Pierre Moreau. Mr. Moreau, who currently combines these functions and Municipal Affairs, Public Security would retain after the next cabinet reshuffle. This musical chair but could still take several weeks.

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