These films that invent a little too much while they are based on a true story

film-cine-cinema-histoire-vraie-vrai-trueConvinced that the guys have stuck to the true story, you repeat it everywhere. Except that we must check, because movies take quite a bit of freedom with reality.
In the trailers and displays, the percentage of the film / reality ratio should be displayed. A concrete, factual, objective thing. History of checking the true story before the film – or even after if you have not had time – and not to repeat bullshit everywhere, persuaded that you have seen the true true story. And not the wrong one. Yeah, just that, it’s relou. And the site has done it! For biopics who supposedly stick to the true story, the guys took the time to compare and establish a percentage. I give you a few examples here.
The Social Network: 76.1%
From the beginning, there’s something: the young Zuckerberg would have had a drink in the bar with his girlfriend Erica. A freedom that perhaps has no more to his current companion, Priscilla Chan. Why ? Because it was already she, the girlfriend of Marco at the time. At another time, the network is closed and Zuckerberg seems surprised, lost. While in his book, he tells how to close Facemash himself, panicked to be cramer by the incredible traffic. Another diff ‘, when Eduardo Saverin arrives soaked at Zuckerberg, venerated, because the latter had to recover it at the airport. In truth, Zuzu really got it back, as promised.

The Wall Street Wolf: 74.6%
First big deal with reality: Belfort would have met Donnie Azoff at the restaurant, where he offers him the taf and convinces him directly to resign. In Real Life, Donnie was reportedly introduced by his wife to Belfort, who had met him on the bus while living in the same building. Later, there is a moment when Jordan confides and cracks with his aunt Emma on a bench, ending squarely by the galocher. In the book, we learn that there was never a kiss. It changes everything. Another striking scene is his resignation at the office. In the film, he changes his mind in the middle of his speech and finally stays acclaimed. In life, he had really resigned, despite the applause of his former colleagues. Small romance to increase emotion, go, it goes (even if it changes the story altogether).

The speech of a king: 73.4%
When George VI and Elizabeth go to the office of Lionel Logue, George refuses categorically to discuss personal things. In truth, they discussed his education, his father, and so on. Another departure from reality: when George and Lionel walk in the fog, the first tells his current worries with the situation of David and Wallis, after which the second encourages him to rise on the throne and shocks him. In fact, George had stopped his treatment during this period, so Lionel could not make that kind of comment. Finally, at the end, before greeting the crowd at the balcony, George would have received the congratulations of Lang, Wood and Churchill. The latter was not present at the King’s speech.

Dallas Buyers Club: 61.4%
The character of Jared Leto did not exist. When Rayon, the transexual, offers Ron a card game in the hospital room, it’s actually a kind of mix of all the characters that the writers have met. They were trying to symbolize Ron’s greatest tolerance, so an LGBT person did the trick. Later, Ron goes to dine with Eve (his doctor) at the restaurant and brings him a picture. Everything was invented, the painting was never mentioned anywhere and Eve never existed. Another romance, when he climbs on the bull and holds for more than 8 seconds, applauded by the crowd. Ron never made a rodeo, it was simply a metaphor of his struggle to keep on living.

American Sniper: 56.9%
Chris would have decided to commit himself by seeing the images of the World Trade Center on TV, disgusted and a little alcoholic after a few binouzes with Jeff. True, he had always planned to do it, and that was after a series of injuries to the rodeo. Later, on the spot, Chris interviews a native with an interpreter to find the butcher. While he tells in his book never to question anyone and it is not known if the butcher really existed. In any case, their roads never crossed. In the end, his wife Taya watches Chris salute the navy come to look for him and has a bad feeling. While Chris had gone to see this former Marine at his home, with his buddy Chad. So his wife never saw the guy in question.

Imitation Game: 41.4%
Alan Turing had himself built the electromagnetic bomb deciphering Enigma, at Bletchley park in 1940, alas without Joan, which annoyed him. Wrong! It is Harold Keen, at the British Tabulating Machine Factory of Letchworth, who is the creator. Otherwise, when Inspector Nock gives his secret file to his boss, he suggests that Turing is a spy because the record is empty. In fact, the record contained a five-page paper in which Turing himself acknowledged his homosexuality. This provoked his condemnation. Finally, towards the end, Alan says that he is not alone, that he speaks with Christopher, his machine. Despite his eccentricity, he was not an autistic and did not confuse (or prefer) machines with people. You also wondered to what extent the screenwriters romanticized the “true stories”?

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