Pedaling for small Elissa Grondin

elissa-grondinThey are more to send positive thoughts to the family of Elissa Grondin, this Sherbrooke girl who received a heart of Berlin, just a few weeks, to extend the wait to receive a new heart.

Three Sherbrookoises who train with the mother of Elissa, Josee Scantland for several years decided to do more to support the family. They met in action and it is through action that Sophia Beltrano, Karine Richard and Anne Prefontaine wish to help their friend by organizing a Spin-O-Don to raise money for the small Elissa.

“His parents take turns at his bedside at the Hospital Sainte-Justine in Montreal for six months. They therefore can not work. They should also take care with the help of grandparents, the little brother of Elissa who is two years. The financial situation of the family is fragile. We organize activities to reduce financial worries of parents currently living a terrible emotional distress. But it would also provide a showcase for organ donation and ensure that people speak with their loved ones, “says Anne Prefontaine.

Through the fight of their girl, Elissa parents constantly promotes organ donation. The five year old girl is currently top of the list to receive a heart transplant. A heart of child weighing up to 50 pounds.

“Josee Scantland is a model of strength and determination.”

Anne Prefontaine, VAT News reporter, trains with the mother of Elissa for seven years and has seen his partner go through several tests. The diagnosis of heart defects. The first operation. Anxieties surrounding awaiting a second operation.

“Josee Scantland is a model of strength and determination for me and our whole group. It made me want to push myself, “says Anne Prefontaine.

Draftsman and designer at BRP, Elissa’s father, Patrick Grondin, receives two-thirds of his salary while unemployment benefits from the mother of Elissa, who is a professional coach, coming to an end. Also, the organizers remind that after the heart transplant, Elissa will take forty drugs, including some of the costs will be borne by the parents.

“If everyone gave $ 5, we could make a difference,” says Anne Prefontaine.

The spinning event will be held Sunday, March 20, at 14h, in the studio Boomerang, Local 2655 116 King Street West, Sherbrooke.

It is possible to encourage the approximately 20 participants pedaling by sending donations by credit card safely on site by typing the name of Elissa Grondin. It is also possible to go encourage participants spinning studio and make your donation on this occasion.

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