This update she will save No Man’s Sky?

no-mans-skyHello Games has kept its promise by offering a major upgrade to its play No Man’s Sky. The game he will go up a bit in the esteem of the players?
The update was supposed to be available last week, but rather yesterday that players have access. The changes offer new ways to play and a building system for databases.
Version 1.1 of the game, the “Foundation Update,” is definitely the biggest update since the release of No Man’s Sky in August 2016.

“Our team has worked very hard on the development, testing and certification to the updated Foundation. This will not be the biggest update, but it’s a start, “said Hello Games on the official blog of No Man’s Sky.
You can now build your own base with the resources found throughout the universe. Your bases can be used as shelters, warehouses and research centers. Obviously, it would be difficult to find your bases, then the system “Terminus Teleporters” will be particularly useful.

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