Thomas Mulcair determined to remain leader of the NDP

thomas-mulcairDefeat had’m still burning, but Thomas Mulcair knew he wanted to remain leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP).

Just after a post-election event in Ottawa with his defeated colleague Paul Dewar, Mr. Mulcair has taken the road to Montreal with his Deputy Chief of Cabinet, Chantale Turgeon.

“The very first evening in Ottawa with Paul Dewar, it’s been the first time I had the hope that would continue producing the results that we have not had in 2015,” said Mr. Mulcair in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“The evening ended, Chantale was with me, we came back to Montreal and I said.” We will continue to fight “”

If he knew he was not going to question his political future after the election, he also knew that he would have some thinking to do. This process, he admitted, was very difficult from a personal perspective.

“It takes a moment to take stock of such a thing and decide what we want to do. We can talk to people around us, we can talk to our family, but this is something that really requires deep introspection. ”

At one month of the Party Congress in Edmonton, where they will decide if Mr. Mulcair should remain in office, the NDP still asking questions.

Convince members

The president of NPD, Rebecca Blaikie, who heads a working group performing an electoral post-mortem, said Mr. Mulcair should get 70 percent of the delegates votes to stay in office. It therefore seeks to persuade party members that he can lead them to get over the disappointing results of last October, going to meet them, from coast to coast.

It takes time to do more intimate meetings with party members, something for which he had little time when he was leader of the official opposition. He says that these conversations are “oxygen” for him.

Thomas Mulcair intends to keep in touch with these people, adding that this is the base that will advance the party after the convention next month.

It seems in great shape: he swims five times a week and takes care of his diet. In addition, he said quickened his encounters with people who remind him why he wants to defend people who have huge obstacles to overcome.

Recently, while working on a campaign for a partial provincial election in Calgary, he was confronted by a man who was afraid to live a retirement in poverty after working all his life as a chef.

“You know, these are the moments in a political career that tell you,” Here’s why I fight, ‘ “he blurted.

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