Thor 3 Ragnarok: The hero deprived of some of his powers?

thor-3-ragnarok-hela-cate-blanchett-cascadeA detail of Thor 3 Ragnarok’s plot may have escaped us on social networks … Will the God of Thunder be deprived of some of his powers?

While we wondered what the post-generic scenes of Doctor Strange mean for the sequel to the Marvel movies, an important revelation has just been discovered on Thor’s next adventure. The God of Thunder should indeed cross the Supreme Sorcerer in Ragnarok, but the intrigue is still as mysterious. We know that he will confront the goddess Hela and that Loki will poke his famous hammer, but we may have missed another detail on the film … A few weeks ago, the actor Jeff Goldblum Master) published a photo on his account Instagram, picture that presents him reading an old comic of the adventures of Thor. One might think he is preparing for his role, but in this edition number 374 there is no trace of his character! Did the actor of Jurassic Park unveil the comic on which the film is inspired?

In this comic released in 1986, written by Walter Simonson and Sal Buscema, we witness the famous massacre of mutants X-Men. But it is above all a number in which the goddess Hela deprives Thor of two essential powers: rapid regeneration and the possibility of dying. In performing this act, Hela wishes Thor to come and beg her to take her life. She would thus hold on to her soul and her life in the afterlife … Should we see there the potential intrigue of the film? Will Hulk be the one who saves Thor or, on the contrary, will he also possess Hela? The biggest question remains whether the God of Thunder can win the battle against Hulk in Thor 3 Ragnarok! The two superheroes will make the pair against the Goddess of the Dead in the next Marvel adventure scheduled for October 25, 2017. And do you think Thor will be deprived of his powers by Hela?

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