Thousands of migrants move forward, despite obstacles at borders

pere-embrasse-sa-fillette-apresThousands of migrants have entered Saturday in Austria after having worked his way through the Western Balkans, even though Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia were trying to channel these flows.

Despite farms about and kilometers of barbed wire along its borders, Hungary indeed let through its territory by many migrants towards Austria, noted journalists from AFP.

From 12 000 to 13 000 migrants have entered Austria on Saturday, said the head of the Austrian Red Cross, Gerry Foitik, according to the Austria Press Agency APA.

The police, who had indicated that 10,000 of them were expected in the day, did not confirm this information.

According to Mr. Foitik 2000 came in Germany, avoiding border points, and the others had to stay overnight in Austria in different shelters.

Earlier, a spokesman for the Austrian police had indicated that the Hungarian authorities had transported the migrants on buses to two registration centers near the Austrian border.

Most were later set off directly for Austria without being disturbed by the Hungarian police, taking by surprise the Austrian police. “The flow of information certainly works, but could be much better” in this regard has told APA that spokesman, Helmut Marban.

Through fields, hundreds of people also continued to arrive from Serbia in Croatia, on the new road to exile after the closure of the Serbian-Hungarian border by Budapest.

After opening its doors to migrants, Zagreb assured on Friday arrived at saturation, with the arrival of more than 17,000 people in three days. The Croatian authorities have acknowledged want to force the hand of Budapest returning migrants by bus and train to the Hungarian border.

The Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has warned that his country would continue to do so, while Budapest accused Zagreb to encourage migrants to cross “illegally” the border.

“Croatia will not become a refugee center of Europe”, he warned.

Bread and soup

Migrants have also flocked to neighboring Slovenia, coming from Croatia. Hundreds of refugees were massed neighboring border crossings Bregana and Harmica, demanding that the Slovenian Police lets them in, noted AFP. Via different entry points, some 150 of them managed to enter and win Austria.

“Buses took people (in Slovenia) around noon. They say there will be others, “told AFP an Iraqi named Sarmad at Bregana. In the afternoon, when he saw people running towards the barriers and heard screams, this electrical engineer of 39 years followed. But the cordon of policemen did not move. As often, a false alarm.

“Fortunately, Croats give us food, soup, fruit of bread” comments Ghaiath Khaddam, a Syrian of the same age who travels with his mother.

Slovenia was prepared to accommodate up to 10,000 refugees they apply for asylum.

Friday night, the Slovenian police had dispersed tear gas several hundred migrants who sought to force its border. The Prime Minister Miro Cerar had stated that, if the pressure continues, the country could consider transit corridors to Austria.

As for the EU, its leaders find themselves in Brussels on Wednesday to try to overcome their divisions on this migration crisis.

The Commissioner for EU enlargement, Johannes Hahn, said Saturday that Europe should encourage people fleeing war in Syria to remain in neighboring countries by helping them.

He said he particularly proposed to be allocated to Turkey, which welcomed more than two million Syrians “up to one billion euros,” to help “address this challenge”.

4,500 migrants rescued in the Mediterranean

And Austria and Germany have called for an increase of five billion euros of aid from the UN refugee to improve the situation in the refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, in the course of a joint press conference in Vienna.

For his part, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Saturday promised to “boost” the economy of his country, dying in the hope of deterring applicants from. Afghans are the second largest group of migrants after the Syrians.

Saturday still in the Mediterranean, more than 4,500 migrants left Libya were rescued over two dozen operations, announced the Italian coastguard.

In Greece, the body of a small Syrian five years was found after the sinking of a boat from Turkey, recalling the drama of small Aylan, became a symbol of the tragedy experienced by migrants.

Shipwreck risks have pushed some 2,000 migrants attempting to win Greece by the land border with Turkey. But they remained stuck around Edirne (northwest) by Turkish police.

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