Thousands of Palestinians to the baby’s father’s funeral burned alive

corps-saad-dawabcheh-32-ansThousands of Palestinians attended Saturday’s funeral of the father of Palestinian intense burned baby in the house fire by Jewish extremists, a new death that could revive tensions in the Palestinian Territories.

In his village of Douma surrounded by Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, the body of Saad Dawabcheh, 32, the face modestly wrapped in a scarf to hide the burns that cost him his life, was raised at arm by a crowd emotion that greeted a new “martyr” and demanded protection from Israeli settlers they accuse the attack.

Under a cloud of Palestinian flags all generations, the crowd came from the village or surrounding and dotted with officials and journalists, brandishing photographs of Dawabcheh Saad Ali and his son, 18 months.

The death of little Ali, burned alive when masked men set fire on July 31 still covered their small house of the words “Revenge” and “price to pay” tagged by Jewish extremists provoked several days of violence across the between West Bank Palestinians, soldiers and settlers.

Saturday, Netanyahu offered his condolences and reaffirmed Israel was using “all means to arrest and prosecute the murderers.”

The death of the father of the infant is re already high tensions in the occupied West Bank where an attack against the Israeli army left three injured Thursday. The Palestinians also anxiously awaiting news of the mother’s health, Riham, 26, the body almost completely burned in the third degree and baby brother, Ahmed, four years old, who began his convalescence.

“He understands and communicates with his family,” said Dr. Marina Rubinstein Israel Radio. “But his condition is still serious, he will still have to undergo many operations and a long hospital stay.”

“Resistance, a duty”

The Islamist Hamas in power in Gaza, said that after the deaths, “resistance” had become “a right” but also a “duty” in the West Bank settlement where, the first obstacle to peace for the international community , gaining ground every day. For its part, the Palestinian Authority has decided to take the attack to the attention of Duma international justice.

Saturday she an autopsy the body of Saad Dawabcheh to bring new evidence to the International Criminal Court (ICC) which it would like to pursue Israeli leaders who “support the crimes of the settlers,” according to spokesman Ehab Bseiso government.

Israeli leaders have unanimously condemned, in the rare cases of violence against Palestinians, an act “terrorist.”

Under the name the “price to pay” Jewish extremists routinely assaulted Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and even Israeli soldiers for years. They say among other replicate the destruction of outposts, although illegal in the eyes of the international community as Israeli law.

Long unpunished, these activists are now in the viewfinder of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, yet one of the most right-wing in Israel’s history.

Tuesday, the authorities resorted to the exceptional measure of administrative detention of a Jewish extremist, a scheme to indefinitely detain suspects without charge traditionally reserved for Palestinians.

In all, authorities arrested three youths, Meir Ettinger, suspected of being one of the instigators of the recent violence of the Jewish extremism.

The attack provoked a strong Duma stir in Israel because it took place in the aftermath of an attack on a Jewish extremist during the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, which killed a teenager and injured five people.

“Protect” villages

For Anwar Dawabcheh, near the victims, “it is a crime committed by settlers, but with the agreement of the occupation authorities.” “It is not possible that Israel, with its army and intelligence services, has still no information,” he told AFP.

A Duma, as in other villages, locals say live in fear of further attacks, without hope of obtaining protection of Israeli forces or Palestinian since they are not allowed to visit more than 60% of the West Bank and can not access most of the remaining areas with the green light from Israel.

The Palestinian Authority announced the creation of “popular committees” of protection, but Hossam Badran, a Hamas spokesman, it now remains “a choice” to the Palestinians, that of the “open confrontation and overall against the occupier. ”

For its part, the special envoy of the UN in the Middle East Nickolay Mladenov called upon to judge “the perpetrators of this terrorist act” because it does not need “the extremists (…) take control of the political agenda “.

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