Threats against the Wilfrid Laurier University: a man accused in London

menaces-daniel-ransem-arrete-londresLondon police have charged a man who allegedly made threats on the Internet against the Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario.

Daniel Ransem was arrested Friday in the capital of the United Kingdom and the charge was formally filed Saturday. The man of 22 years to appear Monday and will face a charge of “malicious communications”.

Under British law on malicious communications, it is illegal to transmit threats to “cause distress or anxiety”.

The link between the young man and the university – if there is one – is still unknown.

Given that the threat came from the UK, it is the London police who is now responsible for the case, according to the spokesman of the police of Waterloo.

The authorities of Waterloo, where is located the university, compared to those threats were uttered earlier this month before a shootout in a facility in Oregon, who had ten dead, including the gunman.

A screenshot circulating on social networks showed a picture of a frog with a gun and it was written underneath: “Do not go to the science building (university) Laurier tomorrow. The course of events will be published in the morning. ”

In Oregon, the day before the tragedy, one could read the inscription: “Do not go to school if you are in the northwest. The event thread will be released tomorrow morning. ”

The campus of the university in Ontario had been subject to containment measures at 6 am Friday morning; students and employees were warned to stay at home. The management of the university said it had been informed by the federal US Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The university finally reopened around 11 am 30.

The spokesman for the Ontario university Kevin Crowley said the students and staff would be relieved by the fact that this is not a threat to a person in the vicinity.

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