Three new photo radar in Montreal

emplacements-choisis-ville-selon-recommandationsThree new speed cameras will be switched to Montreal by next spring to monitor speed and red lights, according to the head of public security administration Coderre, Anie Samson.

According to Ms. Samson, two mobile devices will be used to limit the speed on streets and major arteries. A third unit will also be installed at a critical intersection to monitor compliance with traffic lights. The device will be fixed as those already in operation since 2009 on Paré streets, Notre-Dame West and St. Catherine East in Montreal.

In little more than six years, these three radar reported more than 15,700 tickets, with fines totaling nearly 2.5 million.

Monitored areas have not yet been selected. The locations will be chosen by the City as recommended by the Police Department, and, depending on the speed and frequency of observed accidents.

Earlier this week, the two vice presidents of the Commission for Public Security Montreal, Hampstead Mayor William Steinberg and Project Montreal councilor Alex Norris, asked Quebec to skip the stage of pilot projects and allow municipalities to deploy now radars on their territory.

Ms. Samson, who chairs the committee, said that talks with Quebec last for one year and that the use of photo radar is part of broader negotiations to give Montreal a metropolis status.

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