Three years in prison for a home robbery

-immeuble-1372-rueInvolved in a home robbery in October 2015 in Sherbrooke, Sebastien Lussier was sentenced to three years in prison.

The individual 23 years has recognized the gestures of robbery, extortion and conspiracy to commit robbery on the street of Escarpe October 24, 2015.

Lussier was part of a quartet with Philippe Fortier-Raîche particular, which landed at the home of an acquaintance to claim the amount of debt.

During the events, Lussier broke a plate on the head of the victim was responsible for stealing items in the housing including a games console and a laptop.

The victim was hit repeatedly in the face during the events. She managed to get rid of the influence of his attackers by taking a vegetable knife.

Sébastien Lussier has been detained for the events.

The joint submission of the defense counsel Me Melissa Gilbert and the prosecutor to criminal prosecution Nathalie Robidoux allows for pretrial detention equivalent to eight months in detention.

Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Court of Quebec imposed a global sentence of three years.

Another person involved in the case, Philippe Raîche-Fortier, settled its accounts with the law last week. He was sentenced to 54 months in prison.

The two other defendants in the case, Jade Thiboutot, represented by Caroline Monette, and Jimmy Authier-Veilleux, represented by Marc-André Champagne legal aid, have still not resolved their cases.

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