Tim Brink leaves with the public love

aventure-tim-brink-voix-termineThe wonderful adventure of Tim Brink’s voice ended Sunday night in the first gala live, but only just: the Sherbrooke bowed with 74 points against 83 for its nearest rival, Amelie Nault. By cons, it was he who got the most votes from the public, with 49 points, against only 23 Amelie.

We can say that Tim was the victim of coaches voting mode change this year, as it would have earned if the old method (50 points for first place, 30 for second and 20 for third) had been preserved . But coaches can distribute their score as they wish this year and Ariane Moffatt gave 60 points and 25 Amelie only Tim.

“Do not believe the score: I just wanted to keep my rank,” Ariane Moffatt has launched its two defeated candidates (Martin Goyette was third) before they leave the scene.

For the first time in his life, the rocker Lennoxville performed a song in French or Mary Stone Eric Lapointe. He almost could not do it, the facilitator Charles Lafortune revealing that Tim was completely voiceless two days earlier.

“I had little troubles, I gave everything I could and I’m leaving tall. I never give up and I will not let go! “Said Tim ultimate comment.

Hard to Handle, Black Crowes song he performed during his hearing blind, is found on the album The voice appeared Friday and already certified gold.

Next week, it was the turn of the Drummondville Mary-Pier Guilbault to measure direct.

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