Tima Kurdi, the new champion of the cause of Syrian refugees

tima-kurdi-salon-coiffure-portWith its swivel chairs, its mirrors, hair dryers, colorful shampoo bottles and candy dish on the counter near the cash register, the Barber Tima Kurdi like any other institution of its kind .

But for the owner, the aunt of the boy whose dead body found on a Turkish beach has propelled to the forefront of the refugee crisis and changed the existence of countless Syrian migrant, this space is the future his family.

“I decided to call Kurdi Hair Design, says Ms. Kurdi about the hairdresser nestled between a children’s play center and an optometry clinic in an anonymous shopping center in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. It’s a family business. ”

On September 2, the body of his nephew Aylan Kurdi was discovered face against the ground on a Turkish beach. The small, his mother and his brother five years drowned after trying, like many Syrians, making the dangerous crossing between Turkey and Greece.

Within hours, the image of the lifeless body of the boy has gone around the world, sparking shock and horror, and pushing some countries to open their doors, at least temporarily, to the thousands of migrants fleeing their country at war.

The death of Aylan also put the spotlight on Tima who, after trying for years to bring his family to Canada, became a champion of the refugee cause in the international arena.

She even traveled to Belgium, Germany and Turkey, lending his voice to those who have been displaced by the conflict in Syria.

“I’m really not someone important. But I know the stories and I live with this pain for many years. Now I have the chance to speak for them, she explains about his activist work. I’m just a normal person who speaks from the heart. ”

The Liberal victory in the federal election of October was quickly followed by the promise of Canada to host 25,000 refugees by the end of the year. This deadline, however, was postponed in early March, especially for security reasons in the wake of attacks in Paris.

If she is satisfied with the government’s efforts on this issue, especially the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ms. Kurdi fears that the world has already begun to forget the thousands of people who are still struggling to leave Syria.

“This makes me even worse, she says as a tear slowly sliding down his cheek. Nobody pays attention to all those people who are suffering. There are so many people who are suffering there and I do not just mean my family. These are not terrorists. They are human beings. They had businesses. They had jobs. They sent their children to school. They are like all of us in the West. ”

Despite the recent tragedy, the wind seems to want to turn the clan Kurdi.

Mohammed Kurdi’s brother Tima, should indeed arrive in Vancouver on Monday with his wife and their five children. The man, who owned a barber shop in Syria, will work alongside her sister in the new Barber.

Ms. Kurdi do not despair either of one day seeing his other brother, Abdullah, the father of Aylan, to join them in Canada.

” We’re gonna succed. We will work hard together, she says, eyes shining. I know we can do it. ”

“Nobody pays attention to all those people who are suffering. There are so many people who are suffering there and I do not just mean my family. These are not terrorists. ”
Tima Kurdi
Aunt of the little Aylan Kurdi

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