Tintin cries: the illustration of a teacher Cegep becomes viral

1164738The Tintin artwork that sheds a tear as a result of the Brussels bombings carried out by a graphic design professor Cegep de Sherbrooke toured the world.

The character of Herge in the colors of Belgium flag depicting the sadness with my click #JeSuisBelge was posted on Twitter by Sylvain Grand’Maison in the hours that followed the tragic events of 22 March.

“I am present on social media long enough not to be surprised that this could have a craze. However, this was not the objective. I did not ask and I spoke this illustration by relatively feelings I had after the attack. I had this idea, so I realized. Within 10 to 15 minutes, I had this picture and then posted online. Design illustration is somewhat second nature for designers, “said Grand’Maison.

“Everything came together after the first publication in The Guardian.”

The illustration was retweeted more than 300 times, but has mostly been taken up by many European media in particular in Italy. Russia, Finland and especially in England by The Guardian in London. Many personalities in Europe, including a member of the European Union and spokesperson of the Belgian Prime Minister used this illustration. Canadian and US media including NBC and CBC also spoke of viral illustration Sylvain Grand’Maison.

“Everything came together after the first publication in The Guardian. Many people have used this illustration to their account and have shared. Yet I did not do anything special for the image circulates. I have not added text and I have not taken the most popular hashtags. I just wanted to express my sadness, “says Sylvain Grand’Maison.

The teacher also benefited from the buzz created by this Web illustration for use for educational purposes with its graphic design students from Cegep de Sherbrooke.

“It is certain that I used in this example for educational purposes particularly with respect to copyright in relation to Tintin,” says Sylvain Grand’Maison.

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