Tobacco: convenience stores go, “carter” systematically

association-marchands-depanneurs-epiciers-quebec(Quebec) The Association of merchants, convenience stores and grocers in Quebec (AMDEQ) will not wait for the decisions of the government requiring proof of age from customers who want to buy tobacco products. They will have to prove they were over 18 years of age automatically, the set point will be displayed in the store.

For Yves Servais, director-general of the AMDEQ, with the increase in the fines for retailers, the best thing to do is the “cartage” systematic scheme for young people under 25 years of age. Shortly, the panels will display the requirement in the convenience stores.

“If it is easy to tell the difference between a 17-year-old and an adult of 70 years, it is less obvious to do so between two young people who were 17 and 21 years,” proclaims Mr. Servais. Then, our in-store signage to clearly express that any person under the age of 25 years will have to present an id card to buy tobacco. It is clear, because it is the law.”

The association calls for the past 10 years, the requirement to prove their age when purchasing tobacco products. The government has not yet responded positively to the request.

The AMDEQ will send its requests in the memory that it will present the August 31, when the parliamentary commission on bill 44 on the sale of tobacco products. By the time a decision is taken, the association has chosen to move to the action with its own program “We the boxes’.

“There is not so long ago, an employee of a convenience store in Lévis has received a slap in the head because the young consumer aversion to being carter, continues Mr. Servais. Retailers and their employees do not have to suffer these lapses. If the law says that anyone under the age of 18 years may not purchase tobacco, it is necessary that the government should make it obligatory the presentation of an identity card, as is done in the United States.”

Mr. Servais insists once more that the government amend article 13.1 of the current law that says that “any person who wishes to buy tobacco may be required to prove she is an adult,” so that he be replaced by “any person who wishes to buy tobacco is held to prove that she is a major in with an identification card”. This would simplify the relationship between consumers and retailers.

He is convinced that “the government would have more success if he worked in a positive way with the retailers, making it clear to consumers who purchase tobacco products to automatically present an identity card with the purchase, instead of going with the severe penalties that would result in the closure of convenience stores, particularly retailers who operate in the rural areas”.

For Mr. Servais, the responsibility for the enforcement of the law must not only rest on the shoulders of the retailers; the State must take steps to ensure that the rules are clearer still with the obligation to present an identity card with date of birth.

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