Toddler bitten by a basset

THe baby of 19 months was bitten by a dog Tuesday afternoon at a residence in Chicoutimi. A basset 50 pounds bit the bullet on the head of the child, causing bleeding. The dog’s owner was also bitten in the arm and hand by trying to neutralize the beast.

The incident occurred on the Vezina Street in Riviere-du-Moulin sector. A woman with her baby, was visiting a neighbor, the one with the basset. This has surprised everyone by taking the young child. “Once inside the house, the dog bit the child in the back of the head. We talk about light bleeding and we also see traces of fangs. The owner tried to intervene and was also bitten in the arm and hand, “describes the lieutenant in charge of Public Security of Saguenay, Christian Michaud.

Paramedics were called to the scene to provide first aid. The dog has meanwhile taken to the municipal pound. He will remain caged in there for the duration of the investigation.

Two complaints in 2015
(CHRONIC / Melissa Viau) – Two complaints about the basset that bit two people on Tuesday were filed with the Public Safety Saguenay (SPS) in April and October 2015.

“In the case we have a complaint about a dog beaten by its owner. The woman defended herself by saying simply have baffled his dog. The other complaint concerned a dog always barked, “recalls Dominic Lemieux, sergeant of the SPS.

The first question to consider, if bitten, is the health issue. When a dog is in pain, he has the instinct to protect, regardless of the person in front of him. You should know that Basset Hounds, like all dog breeds with long ears tend to have frequent ear infections.

When a dog shows signs of impatience, several masters of love for their animal, will not want to dispose of it. We excuse the behavior by saying “yes, but it’s late.” Indeed, a problematic dog is usually nice as unpleasant.

Hope that everything will rule alone is also part of why humans do not intervene. Through ignorance, then we find wrong reasons, such as jealousy, awkwardly to explain the problem. When a dog tries to bite, we must understand why he did so, what are the triggers and how to manage our environment to secure coexistence and avoid accidents.

Despite all the love and good will of humans, some canine behavior can quickly escalate if left unchecked or if it intervenes wrong. Never trivialize the warnings of our dogs and trust them thinking that everything will be all alone.


When Marc Villeneuve, Refuge Animal Chicoutimi, was called to fetch the basset hound who had bitten two people, the usual protocol was immediately activated.

In such a situation, Mr. Villeneuve is obliged to report the animal to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ). “As people injured traveled to the hospital, the health department will contact MAPAQ for a folder monitoring,” he explains.

Also according to the recommendations of the MAPAQ, the dog is then kept in isolation ten days. “If ever the dog’s rabies carrier, it will die within ten days,” says the owner of the animal shelter Chicoutimi. These pension ten days at a cost of $ 15 per day will be charged to the dog family. If the latter refuses to pay, it may take itself quarantine the animal in his home or elsewhere.

After the observation period, if the dog has no signs of rabies, Refuge de Chicoutimi will take a decision for the dog’s future. If the refuge believes that euthanasia is the most secure solution, additional fees will be added to the invoice. Like what owning a dog is a responsibility not to be overlooked.

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