Tornado punk rock to Festivent

dexter-holland-leader-formation-californienne(Quebec) CRITICAL / On landing on the stage of Festivent Saturday night, the guys from The Offspring had no time to lose: armed with a formidable list of successes, they passed like a tornado in the park Champigny Levi’s.

Arrived on scene at 21:50 until 23:05 left, Californians have delivered around twenty songs before a crowd of qualified “record” by the organizers of Festivent. And additional public determined to party and accepts punk rock nostalgia.

The energy level was already high when the first notes of the huge success Come Out and Play, the third program, the cheers rang out. The crescendo was just beginning for the fans.

Rockers and punks veterans also seemed happy to be there, even if they initially had more praise for Quebec to Lévis. “Good evening Quebecers!” Shouted the singer Dexter Holland, before embarking on a dialogue with the guitarist Noodles. “It’s good to be here with Quebec just across the river …”, they observed.

Admitting candidly suffer a hangover because he had too much marked International Day of beer the night before, the guitarist zebra hair took the opportunity to praise the brewing tradition of the old capital. “It was there that founded Canada’s first brewery … There would be no beer in the country if it were Quebecers!” He said. If Lévis their standing grudge they may have forgiven the end of term when Noodles launched: “We come to Quebec for 20 years and you are undoubtedly the best audience we’ve had!”

Besides a nice interlude where they harangued the crowd, inviting him to resume in chorus a particularly striking passage Bad Habit – that we do not will risk translate here! – And another where Noodles vaunted sex appeal of the public – “I could off the stage and make love to you all!” He “sensually” yelled – The Offspring has focused on the music. And we can say that the group has a hit by mounting a generously stocked menu hits.

Dexter Holland and his accomplices have played well recently Coming for You, published last year. But they certainly do not have shunned their old hits: Smash, Gotta Get Away, All I Want, Gone Away (started by Dexter Holland alone at the piano), Pretty Fly (For a White Guy), Why Do not You Get a Job? and Self Esteem (served recall before an audience that seemed mounted on springs), were particularly delighted an audience won before, but never taken for granted by musicians.


As it had done on the Plains of Abraham in 2012, the Mute training again warmed the crowd very effectively for The Offspring. The punk rockers from Quebec come to reconnect with the scene, after a pause that allowed them to record a fourth album, expected this fall. And according to what we saw Saturday, they are in a dangerous form … and they are far from being chastened, despite the fact that their group this year reached the age of majority.

Over a tightly packed program of nearly an hour, the quartet strafed his air as heavy as hopping, biting the coup in some brand new songs ( “we allow ourselves to break new stock because we are in family “, they pleaded) and offering friendly winks: some notes in homage to the album Smash the Offspring – which gives them, it seems,” urge to smash the drywall “- and always friendly version to be with You Mr. Big.

Festivent ends Sunday with the presentation of the evening electro Life in Color, which was a great success last year. DJs will follow one another on stage from 18h and as the evening progresses, the crowd of dancers take color as it will be sprayed jets of paint and confetti.

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