Toronto: a security perimeter formed around the tower Trump

towerThe Toronto police have formed a security perimeter around the Trump International Hotel and Tower, in the business district, because of an unstable antenna on its roof.

The police have stated that the area would remain closed until an engineer from the City of Toronto confirms that the antenna has been secured, which should not be done at least before Tuesday noon.

City employees have told the owners of the building – which is both a luxury hotel and a tower to condos, to ensure that the population is no risk.

The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, has responded by way of a press release. It called for an investigation and said he wanted the people responsible for this disturbance is caused.

The mayor said he is concerned about the impact of this closure on the traffic in the city centre.

The skyscraper, which opened its doors in 2012, bears the name of the real estate magnate and a candidate in the republican primaries american Donald Trump.

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  • Perimeter security is essential in a situation like this. Perimeter security isn’t just to keep people on the inside free of danger, it can be used to keep people on the outside of the perimeter free from danger too.