Touching farewells to Judge Larouche

rosaire-larouche-prend-saThe courtrooms of the region will get bored of repartee Judge Rosaire Larouche. The Robervalois retiring after more than 25 years of judiciary.

There is perhaps only the accused will not be bored of this judge scoring the murderous replicas! Rosaire Larouche did not hesitate to put in their place or to lecture those who passed before him. He could often be ruthless.

A severity that emanated from his imperturbable sense of justice. To mark this great career of this tongue-in-cheek, a ceremony was held Tuesday at the Roberval Courthouse.

It is love for Larouche judge that arose during the testimony pronounced. Crown prosecutors, lawyers criminal lawyers, judges, clerks, constables, family and friends were there to celebrate the career of this man who began his practice in Saint-Félicien, with Robert Côté. In 1977, he became Crown attorney until 1990, when he was appointed judge.

His longtime friend, Denis Dionne, who worked with him to the Crown, testified to their complicity very funny way.

“I remember one judge we were stunned to strength to get up each in turn. We had nicknamed Pixie and Dixie. In the beginning when you sat as a judge, I was not able to look at you when I pleaded, not knowing how I would react, has he narrated before launching ” Rosary, we love you, I love you! ” ‘.


Although he tried to keep his poise, Rosaire Larouche could not stop the tears from flowing.

The first slid down her cheeks when regional barrister, Benoit Amyot, read a text written by the great swimmer Claudio Plitt. These two men became very close friends. “It’s been forty years since I know you. You marked me and you have been an inspiration to me. You are an example of a family model that has guided me. Happy retirement, we expect you family in Argentina, “he read.

It is precisely when the judge Larouche spoke and he addressed the support of his family he cracked before his wife, Michelle, and their three children, Caroline, Pierre Samuel and Jean-Simon. “I was often absent from home while my kids were in high school or elementary school. I could not have done this career without the support of my wife who has dealt with my many absences from home. Some will think that it was perhaps his case, “he chained jokingly trying to hide his emotion.

His greatest reward: when these two small children, Clarisse and Louis-Vincent, visited him in a court for an adjournment. Rosaire Larouche was proud to sit on Tuesday in this chair when he heard so many causes over the past 25 years.

In Roberval

Judge Richard P. Daoust insisted that this tribute be paid to Roberval. This is the first time we stressed the retirement of a judge in the place of justice palace, particularly as Rosaire Larouche is a son of this city and still lives there.

Moreover, the great-father Daoust judge, Francis O’Brien, sat in Roberval; a wink that he wanted to do.

As we could not name a room in honor of Rosaire Larouche, a great human photo will be placed at a significant place in Roberval Courthouse. A testament to the importance of this man marking that leaves no one indifferent. A large Robervalois.

As highlighted his son Jean-Simon, his father was always happy in his profession. A passion he passed him. “I’ve always been very proud of you. When we talked my father sat in Roberval Courthouse as a judge, it is as if Justin Bieber was in town. ”

This is May 20 that Rosaire Larouche will be officially retired.

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