Tour garage sales will be free

ventes-debarras-tientThe Grand Tour garage sale, held for three weeks in the spring, will now be free. The license, for which $ 10 was required in the past, will be abolished and there will be no application deadline. A permit will be required for the other weeks of the year and it will cost $ 25.

“It was a fairly complex management in the city. As the waste management plan encourages us to go to the reuse, while pushing us to offer free tour of garage sales, “says Chantal Pelchat, project environment.

“People will still be able to register online for making a map that will include garage sales by sector,” the president of Serge Paquin executive committee. Registration will be optional. Citizens who do not have internet can head to the Eva-Senecal library or call their borough office.

The map will be updated daily until the holding garage sales in the affected districts.

His colleague Chantal L’Esperance added that the cost of $ 10 was set to cover the costs of printing garage sales cards. “There is no real loss. We proceed otherwise. We’ll have virtual cards. “The administrative process will be the same time reduced.

Mayor Bernard Sevigny added that mobile was planned to help locate garage sales.

Councillor Christine Ouellet for his part sought to determine whether a control will be exercised to avoid diverting the vocation of garage sales. “In my area, there is a place where it had become a true flea market. Several neighbors had gathered. There was even boats for sale. How could we monitor because there are many citizen complaints? ”

“I think there are ways to intervene. In the past, there were very few interventions. If it happens in cases like these, there may be complaints and we will see, because garage sales are regulated by our law number 1 “responds Ms. Pelchat.

Great garage sales of the Tour will be held on 21 and 22 May in Fleurimont and Brompton on 28 and 29 May in Jacques-Cartier and Lennoxville and June 4 and 5 in Rock Forest-Saint-Élie-Deauville and Mont-Bellevue. The virtual map can be viewed at

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