Tourism: Montreal has an outstanding spring

tourisme-affaires-visiteurs-provenance-etatsMontreal had its best spring in terms of tourism for 20 years, said the agency responsible for attracting visitors to the city.

Tourism Montreal has prepared a report Wednesday that it considers strong positive for the period from April to June 2015.

Business tourism and visitors from the United States have much to do in these results that delight particularly hoteliers and restaurateurs Montreal.

Regarding the average occupancy rate of the hotels located on the island of Montreal, it was 80%, an increase of 2.3 percentage points compared to last year, reports the agency quote says the latest statistics of the Hotel Association of Greater Montreal.

According to the CEO of Tourism Montreal, Yves Lalumiere, the popularity of Montreal is partly explained by the fact that festivals and events follow one another without respite.

“The event frame becomes more compact and ensures that you come to Montreal for a pack of reasons now, and this is one of the attractions of Montreal, to have a diversity of events,” t- he argued.

This year, the Formula 1 Grand Prix was more popular than ever, U2 came to offer concerts, the Montreal Economic Forum attracted its share of delegates, as C2 Montreal, a large creative entrepreneurship event.

From January to April this year, entries border of Quebec from the south have also increased by 4.6%. According to Tourisme Montreal, the figures are due to good economic conditions in our southern neighbors, the favorable exchange rate to the Americans and a significant drop in the price of gasoline.

“Hotel owners report that their parking lots are full of cars with American license plates, which they had not seen for a long time,” commented Mr. Lalumiere.

Tourism Montreal even expects an increase of 7 to 10% of American tourists by the end of summer 2015.

Growth of 4.7% was also recorded for international travelers.

Side business tourism linked to the holding of congresses, professional meetings or sports events, the number of delegates increased by 14 percent compared to 2014, calculated the tourism organization.

The exchange rate is for something, according to Mr. Lalumiere, who also stresses that convention organizers consider Montreal as a safe city.

To attract travelers this year, Tourism Montreal has targeted the cities of New York and Paris, where he led major advertising campaigns. In the French capital including advertising posters were affixed in 125 rail and underground stations, a first, said the agency says already see the results.

And summer is far from over, says Mr. Lalumiere who said he expected a record year.

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