Tow trucks torched in revenge?

cameraman-reseau-ctv-capte-imagesJonathan Raymond was so furious that he had towed his vehicles Years ago it would have retaliated by torching tow several Montréal companies at the end of September, depending on the version of the police. Perplexed, business leaders referred do not understand why this man, charged last Thursday in the Court of Québec, would be taken to them.

The suspect 35 years, to criminal histories, appeared last week at the courthouse in Montreal. He faces leaders arson charges and incendiary material possession for four tow fires occurred between 20 and September 23 in the Lachine sector and in the Villeray-Saint-Michel Parc-Extension, Montreal.

Jonathan Raymond thus accused of setting fire to the vehicles of two companies or Burstall and Supreme inc Road Service., Reads in the act of denunciation filed in court.

But at least two other towing companies were the target of an arsonist during this period, learned La Presse. Crimes for which no suspect has yet been charged. “The individual may be related to other events. The investigation is ongoing, “also says the press release of the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM), released yesterday.

Surprise in tow Meteor

Serge Landry is one of the owners Towing Meteor. One night a few weeks ago, a criminal has launched a Molotov cocktail at one of its tow. This completely flamed. A total loss. Stunned, he wondered who could have his business address.

“We never, never received threats. We never had someone fine gun, “he insists.

According to him, during the war of intimidation between towing companies is over the past fifteen years. “In the middle is very clear, there is no upsurge in violence,” he said.

Catherine Phaneuf, president of Ultimate Road Service, had better luck in his bad luck.

A neighbor called the fire while his tow truck had just been burned, which significantly limited the damage. She also wonders why the suspect would be taken to his company. “My client is the CAA,” she says, adding that in 30 years the family business has never been the target of arson.

Even misunderstanding in the Burstall towing company, which could not been any threats in previous weeks.

In an interview with La Presse, President Gary Mendelsohn argued that two of its vehicles were burned, but the damage amounted to only $ 2,500.

A long history

Jonathan Raymond was detained after his appearance.

The Montreal resident has trouble with the police since his teens; He notably faces charges of drug possession and input per offense.

Police believe it may be linked to other similar events and seeks the help of the people about it.

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