Toyota ready to assist in an investigation on the use of its vehicles by EI

videos-propagande-ei-libye-syrieThe Japanese automaker Toyota announced Thursday its support to the investigation by the US authorities on the use of its vehicles by jihadists of the Islamic State (EI).

Toyota has responded to information from the American television channel ABC News, which reported Wednesday that the Department of the US Treasury had been in contact with Toyota on this.

On the EI propaganda videos in Libya, Syria and Iraq, heavily armed militants parading repeatedly in vans of the Japanese group.

“We support the investigation by the US Treasury Department, which is looking more broadly on international supply chains and flows of capital and goods in the Middle East,” said Toyota in a statement sent to AFP.

“Toyota has a strict policy of not selling cars to buyers who may use or modify them for the purpose of paramilitary or terrorist activities,” explains giant Nagoya area (center).

“We have established procedures (…) in order to prevent our products from being diverted for unauthorized military use,” but “it is impossible for a manufacturer to control indirect or illegal channels through which our vehicles “can fall into the wrong hands, says the manufacturer that sold last year in the Middle East more than 820,000 vehicles.

Toyota pickup trucks, as well as similar automobiles designed by Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu and Hyundai, are particularly popular with the rebels and armies around the world because of their extreme ruggedness and durability.

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