Toyota Venza 2016: throw in the towel

Toyota Venza 2016
Toyota Venza 2016
How to maximize profits by involving the least possible cost into the equation? This delicate financial year has created a widely used in the automotive industry strategy, hypersegmentation. Changes in body multiply on platforms and common powertrains. The Toyota Venza, which is built on the chassis of the Camry, is the perfect example. It is also a product reprieve, whose potential is never actually reached.

The Venza is really the archetypal crossover. It is therefore the result of a mixture whose assays are rather approximate. The high ground clearance coupled with large tires and 20-inch at a rather low roof line makes it rather unique profile. The grille three bands that overlap the center only accentuates some misunderstanding of the message. The format, which is between those of the RAV4 and Highlander, remains relevant and is altogether original in his bill.

Unlike its design that makes it look rather picked up, the Venza is not a small vehicle. This obviously contributes to the interior space. Accessible, cockpit ensures the legitimacy of the model with five seats and the many generous and spacious storage compartments. There’s the rub, though, is in the execution. Finishing moldings dashboard reminds bad years some American manufacturers, and I barely exaggerating. It’s downright sloppy, something that is even more unforgivable for a vehicle of nearly $ 40,000. The quality of materials is also heartbreaking.

The Venza is offered with a choice of two engines, a four-cylinder and a V6. It is the latter that remains the most attractive both for its benefits for the minor difference in fuel consumption. On a clean creaminess to Toyota, it moves the crossover with amazing energy. As far as acceleration times are very decent. The transmission also plays a big role in this sweetness, but not very bright. It often requires an interim report in recovery before selecting the right one.

“Broke” might be the word that best sums up the temperament of the Venza. The steering is light and amorphous, which greatly complicates the work of decoding the behavior for the driver. The suspensions are released, plunging muzzle so pronounced in heavy braking. Everything is oddly strengthened by pneumatic mounts thin flank defect which becomes apparent on bumpy road. Body roll remains fairly well contained and the braking is powerful and well distributed correctly to keep the vehicle on course.

The Redwood edition testing, a group of options in the XLE version is presented with the infotainment system incorporating GPS. This system is probably one of the most intuitive of the segment with its clear layout that focuses on square tabs. The touchscreen response speed is more than acceptable. After the flowers, there is however the pot. The audio channel assigned to it offers a sound that borders on obnoxious. She has no depth. Difficult to understand this stubbornness Toyota to offer us something as mediocre.

Launched in late 2008 (2009 model year), the Venza is far from a green rookie in this industry where development cycles can be as long as the seasons. This however is not where the problem lies the Venza, but rather stagnation which Toyota has shown throughout his career, which will end in September 2017. Now a Canadian exclusive, the crossover has all ingredients to attract customers interested in its size and high reliability. If at least its development was as constant as that of competition …

> To see the sky

As is custom made, the Redwood edition testing is available with a panoramic glass roof that makes the most pleasant walks.

> Visibility

The windshield, placed in very steep angle, allows some originality in its design, but also removes the visibility by cutting out the opening.

> Hold the steering wheel with both hands

Not being the fastest to distribute torque to all four wheels, the AWD Venza can pass up a good torque effect during accelerations.

> Pulling light

At 1587 kg, Venza V6 towing capacity is more than double that of the Nissan Murano (680 kg) and is equal to that of the Ford Edge.

> Measure the objects before loading

870 L with the rear trunk of the Venza is actually quite large, but the height available is not great, which can complicate loading bulkier objects.

Version tested Redwood Edition
Price (with options, preparation) 40 $ 166
Engine 3.5L DOHC V6
Power 268 hp at 6200 rev / min
Couple 246 lb-ft at 4700 rev / min
Transmission 6 speed automatic with manual mode
Drive Architecture Driving cross front wheel drive
Consumption (EnerGuide) 11.3 L / 100 km (V6, AWD)
Direct competitors Ford Edge, Nissan Murano
New for 2016? No major changes
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