Transformers 5: 4 things Michael Bay could improve

transformers-the-last-knight-5-trailer-bandeWe no longer present Michael Bay and his saga of blockbusters Transformers. Although the director meets each time a real success, here are 5 things that we would like to see evolve in his next opus.
Since the first installment of Transformers in 2007, the saga of Michael Bay has continued to chain success with a result of $ 709,709,780 in worldwide box office revenues. The first trilogy consisted of Transformers, Transformers 2: Revenge (2009) and Transformers 3: The Hidden Face of the Moon (2001). It is in these 3 films that Shia Labeouf took the lead role, that of Sam Witwicky high school student whose life will soon change. Since 2014 and Transformers: The age of extinction, bye bye Shia Labeouf who has given way to Mark Whahlberg for these new episodes. The actor is also back in Transformers 5: The Last Knight. Even if the success with the audience is still there, criticism regarding the last film that was the longest of all were quite harsh. Will Michael Bay take the helm? Here are 4 things that we would like to see evolve in Transformers 5 whose first teaser will be unveiled soon.

A shorter film? Transformers: The age of extinction lasted 166 minutes which was probably a little too long. A film based as much on the action as Transformers can after a time tired an audience, to listen for more than 2h30 an avalanche of explosions. Besides speaking of explosions, perhaps thinking to balance the action throughout the film? What is certain is that the Transformers audience likes blockbusters and action, however it might be wise not to swing this kind of scenes every 10 minutes as this may be the case. In the end the scenes lose in intensity and it is a pity. More female roles? In the first films, Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unfortunately did not mark the spirits by their role but rather their plastic. Besides, little-worked characters and tight plans revealing their physique (remember the scene where Megan Fox is leaning on his car, camera zooming on his mini shorts) do not help the female roles to stand out.

In the last opus Nicola Peltz is struggling to stand out, confined in a role of rebellious teen in love with someone older. When is a real female role in Transformers? One hopes well in Transformers 5 where Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock are shaken on a new video filming. Raise your foot on the clichés? The characters in Transformers are all quite caricatured, from Sam Witwicky teenager weirdo to Cade Yeager’s only father bravely raising his daughter while grunting because he does not want her to go out with boys. The female characters (with the irreproachable physique) are always in distress, so we must go and save them. And of course the military are heartless beings except a few. But it is undoubtedly this accumulation of small things that makes the success of the Transformers films, not to mention the paw Michael Bay that we appreciate to find in plans, lights, slows or explosions. What changes would you like to see in Transformers?

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