Transport of prisoners: changes called regional Bar

anciennes-prisons-robervalThe leaders of the Barreau du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean does not intend, for the moment, to require the construction of a cell block in Saguenay, but wish for against a change in the transport of prisoners.

The regional president of the Bar, Mr. Benoit Amyot, agreed to answer the need to have a cell block in Chicoutimi, lack criticized by defense lawyers since the closure of the old prison of Chicoutimi last December.

Following the announcement of the construction of a single place of incarceration in the territory of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean in Roberval, there is no longer any place in Saguenay to keep prisoners.

On the occasion of a meeting organized by the Regional Bar Association in Alma, at which some 45 Crown attorneys and criminal lawyer attended, the participants were able to discuss the operationalization of the new prison Roberval and relationships the prosecutors and defense lawyers (see other article).

“There has been talk of the new prison Roberval and its implementation function. Everyone agreed that a period of adjustment was necessary at first, but things work a lot better after a few months, “said Mr. Amyot, in an interview with The Daily.

“There are still areas for improvement, such as access to detainees for the transmission of evidence and documents, to communicate with them or even see them. Possible solutions will be analyzed. We must not forget that we left two small prison to a much larger one that required match different teams, “continues the barrister.

This brings me Amyot to discuss the application of Saguenay criminalists find a solution to facilitate client meetings, to allow detainees weekends to avoid having to go to Roberval while they are deprived of their license and to reduce repetitive transport between Chicoutimi and Roberval.

Criminal lawyers are calling a cell block in the territory of Saguenay. The Regional barrister has no intention of playing politics with this issue, particularly an election is currently taking place in the riding of Chicoutimi.

“To date, no application has been made by the Law Society for the implementation or construction of a cell block. The emphasis is not put on it. ”

“We want to further analyze the decrease in transport of prisoners. We must look at alternatives, such as the establishment of videoconferencing for the appearance of the accused, for those who have to return to the courthouse the next example. There will certainly be discussions in this direction, “notes Mr. Amyot.

The defense lawyers continue to demand a local to allow defendants whose cases are postponed until tomorrow or in a few days to stay in Chicoutimi rather than return to Roberval.

They also demand that prisoners serving a sentence intermittently can do so on the territory of Saguenay.

Difficult relations between lawyers

If Crown prosecutors and defense lawyers agree that the relationship can sometimes be difficult, they also seem to agree that this is not the majority of the time and it does not concern a majority of litigants.

During the meeting members of the Bar of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the issue of relations between the two parties in a criminal case has attracted attention.

For the occasion, the Society had invited Ms. Claudine Roy, Assistant Chief Prosecutor of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCPP) and Mia Me Mannochio, president of the Association of Defence Counsel of Quebec, to answer questions from participants.

The Regional barrister, MeBenoît Amyot, admits that this aspect was discussed at length, but the exchanges were made respectfully.

“It actually took several questions, comments and exchanges between the parties, but everything was done respectfully. The Parties recalled the role and objectives of each and the reality of things in the work, “says Mr. Amyot.

“We have noticed that people are camped on their position. We also know that criminologists are passionate and fiery people. It is important not to get files on a personal component. People should avoid making personal case, but still have to achieve, “said the barrister.

After the meeting, members of the Barreau du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean took the decision to hold other small group meetings to discuss these issues and bring solutions when it occurs.

“But everyone agrees that cold little that can exist are the daily lot of meetings between criminal lawyers and Crown prosecutors. They tell me even that in general, discussions are cordial and professional, “concluded Mr. Amyot.

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