Trees, concrete outdoor rink at Place Jean-Beliveau

daniel-gelinas(Quebec) rink without stripes and icy trails, walk through the ExpoCité site from east to west, concrete forecourt in front of the Centre and Videotron sidewalk space in front of the pavilions of Trade and Youth. Place Jean-Béliveau takes shape, at least on paper.

Quebec City has unveiled its design concept for the large public square of nearly 15,000 square meters promised before the new arena. It is located in the specifications prepared for professionals in landscape architecture and engineering that the City is looking to recruit. The team retained should detail the concept in estimating costs and “streamline necessary.” It will also monitor the first phase of work to be completed in September 2017.

Even before the amphitheater rises from the earth, there was talk of an outdoor rink to animate the scene in winter. The idea is taken up formally in the tender documents published Friday. The “free skating surface without tape will be installed on a part of the public square and in the park’s trails,” it said.

“The ice is traditionally made by spraying existing surfaces, or it will be installed on a removable cooling mat.” Both options must be considered.

The park will be located in the same part the existing wooded area south of ExpoCité, to be rid of the high fence that runs along the boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel. From there, a center aisle lead to the Jean-Béliveau and give a perspective on the Videotron Centre and monumental work of art for which assistance has already been launched.

The playground for children and water games will be installed west of this demarcation. Flower gardens will also be designed for the Arts Building.

In front of the amphitheater, it is a square concrete pad was chosen to allow large gatherings and installation of scenes and booths at festive events. The grass is reserved for inclines around.

There will also be room for the terraces in front of the Youth Pavilion and the trade, which will be built the future public market.

Several ideas put forward by the City have been drawn from the report of the working group on the future of ExpoCité, chaired by Daniel Gélinas and unveiled in April. This particular advantage of the proposed demolition of the K space to “create a visual breakthrough and facilitate pedestrian link between the large public square and trade show center.”


The concept takes up this proposal published an axis of east-west traffic. The promenade lined with trees and lit by light columns will be used primarily for pedestrians and cyclists. It must, however, be sufficiently broad and robust to ‘bear the burden of maintenance and emergency vehicles and vehicles larger templates for installation of temporary facilities. ”

Part of the work in this area could be initiated if the budget of the first phase allows. Failing this, contracts will be awarded later.

The City of Québec and the Quebec government have booked $ 10 million savings during the construction of the Centre for Videotron Place Jean-Béliveau, they want easily accessible and lively all year.

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