Trial Idelson Warrior: many doctors and nurses testify

avocat-defense-idelson-guerrier-francoisThe process of selection of jurors who will judge Idelson Guerrier for two murders and two attempted murders that would have occurred at the Notre Dame Hospital in June 2012, started this morning at the courthouse in Montreal.

Some 36 witnesses will testify in this trial is expected to last between ten and twelve weeks. Eleven doctors and 12 nurses in particular are on the witness list. This is what we learned this morning when Helen Di Salvo judge addressed the jurors. Several hundred people had been called to appear. The trial is to begin Thursday.

The facts alleged to have occurred on 16 and 21 June 2012 in the psychiatric wing of the Notre-Dame pavilion, CHUM. Mr. Warrior is accused of premeditated murder of Claude Courtemanche and Gaétan Senecal, as well as attempted murder and armed assault in respect of Yolanda Bertocchi and Eytyxia Tsidanoulis.

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