Trial for incest drawings of an alleged victim filed as evidence

1174462The evidence is closed trial for incest with a father in the courthouse of Sherbrooke.

The accused, a Sherbrooke whose identity is the subject of an order banning publication to protect those of the alleged victims, faces eight counts of incest, sexual assault, incitement to sexual touching and sexual touching 2005 and 2008 as well as sexual touching and invitation to sexual contact between 2013 and 2014.

The drawings made by the younger of the two alleged victims of the individual 35 years accused of incest in Sherbrooke were submitted as evidence to the jury.

A pediatrician, a counselor from the Youth Protection Officer and the head of a host family were called to testify by the prosecution on Thursday.

“I asked her if she knew it was not good.”

They all came to testify about the confessions that the younger of the two victims have made about the alleged deviant behavior of his father against him.

“My dad put his Fifi in my mouth … I asked her if she knew it was wrong, she said that before she did not know, but she knew there,” testified the head of the host family where the younger of the two alleged victims was placed.

The trial before a jury of five men and seven women is chaired by Yves Tardif J. of the Superior Court.

It’s Stephanie Cte defending the accused while Laila Belgharras Me and Me Andy Drouin represent the prosecution in this case.

Cote jury will announce Friday if it presents evidence in defense.

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