Trial of Mike Duffy: Nigel Wright said that the Bible has guided its actions

agit-deuxieme-journee-temoignage-nigelMike Duffy’s lawyer Donald Bayne, has attacked against Nigel Wright in the tightly-examination Thursday, suggesting that the former chief of staff of the Prime Minister had set up a “deliberately misleading” scenario for Canadians.

Mr. Bayne assaulted Mr. Wright of questions all morning, now that a “scheme” had been orchestrated from PMO to push Senator Mike Duffy to repay wrongly claimed expenses.

The Duffy lawyer said his client believed that his expenses were justified.

“I thought it was better, really better for Senator Duffy people believe he paid,” said Mr. Wright in court.

“You could make that decision for him, even if he did not take part in this?” Asked Mr. Bayne.

“I did not make this decision for him,” replied Wright. “I thought the important thing was that spending is (…) reimbursed”.

When stopping his campaign Thursday in Regina, Harper maintained that he was also concerned about the use of public funds.

“As I said, when it came to my attention, my concern in all this was that Mr. Duffy had made use of public funds in a way that could not be justified,” said Mr. Harper.

“That he respected the rules or not, he had made expense claims that were not actual expenditure and I said many times that I could not justify paying for expenses that had not actually incurred. ”

Harper said he was then told that Mr. Duffy would reimburse those expenses and that he would “explain his side of the story about it.”

“And to my knowledge, that was exactly what he did until I discovered that this was not the case.”

Earlier on Thursday, Nigel Wright said he was trying to do a “good deed” when expressed in private, the director of issues management of the Prime Minister’s decision to give $ 90,000 to Mike Duffy .

Mr. Wright, a deeply religious man, said Thursday in court at the trial of Senator Duffy that he was following the advice of a Bible passage that suggests the “moral rectitude”, but advises not to the front other to autoglorifier.

“It’s sort Matthew 6, right?” Said he told the court, citing the Scriptures. “You have to do this stuff and discreetly” make sure that your left hand does not know what your right hand is doing. ‘”

This is the second day of the testimony of the former head of the Prime Minister, who flew from London to come and tell her story at the trial being held in Ottawa.

Mr. Wright said he had decided to give money to Mr. Duffy “a day or two” after Conservative Senator Irving Gerstein, had said the original plan – which provided the party reimburses questionable expenditures Senator while all thought the total was $ 32,000 – was no longer valid now that the bill had almost tripled.

“I have come to this decision, I believe, a day or two after I realized that the Conservative Fund does not pay,” he told Wright.

He said he had to tell Chris Woodcock, director of issues management in the Premier’s office, where the money actually came from.

“As Director of the issues, Chris was responsible for a team that would participate in the preparation of responses to questions and requests for information we may receive, mostly media,” he said.

“I thought Chris had to know this information just in case it might approve a response to something that could be false because he did not know it was a fact.”

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