Tristan Malavoy finalist Prix France-Quebec

tristan-malavoyThe author hails from Saint-Denis-de-Brompton Tristan Malavoy was selected among three finalists France-Québec Literary Award 2016. The writer was noticed for his first novel, The nest of stones, appeared the last fall Boréal editions. The action takes place elsewhere in his home village.

The other two finalists are Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette for his novel The woman fleeing (Marchand leaves) and Fanny Britt for Houses (The Horse of August).

Another Estrien the Sherbrooke David Goudreault, also on the list of presets for her novel The beast to his mother, but was not selected for the final stage.

Last year the prize was won by Death-Land (Leméac) of Biz, which officially received Wednesday his purse of 5,000 euros at the opening of the Paris Book Fair.

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