Trudeau, from father to son

(Quebec) July 1973 – Two and a half years, Justin Trudeau already accompanied his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, when traveling. In the first photo, we see the duo in Vancouver. Many pictures showing the father and son were taken during various trips of former Prime Minister abroad, especially in the Vatican with the Pope.

November 1998
– The younger brother of Justin Trudeau, Michel, died in an avalanche while skiing in the mountains Kootenay, British Columbia. The terrible accident has hit the family: the former prime minister will never be the same man. Justin Trudeau will some time later director of the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.

juillet-1973-deux-ans-demiOctober 2000 – At the funeral of his father in October 2000, Justin Trudeau, then aged 28, delivered a moving eulogy. The observers of the political scene to notice his talent as an orator and speculate for the first time on its ability to follow the footsteps of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. But the future politician still incur some time in civil organizations, such as volunteer youth program Katimavik.

May 2005
– Justin unites his destiny to former presenter Sophie Gregoire in Sainte-Madeleine d’Outremont church. They have three children, Xavier and Ella-Grace Hadrian was born in February 2014.

December 2006 – The Congress for the nomination of the Liberal Party of Canada in December 2006 marked the beginning of Justin Trudeau’s commitment to training as he is the chairman of the working group on youth of the Renewal Commission. In his autobiography, he recounts have understood during the weekend that he had an aptitude for politics and he had to dive.

October 2008
– Justin Trudeau passes its first test in politics and wins the nomination in Papineau in April 2007. More than a year later, he became MP, officially kicking off his career as a politician in Ottawa.

April 2013 – Nearly 30 years after the departure of his father as head of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau takes the reins. His victory is not surprising then that in the weeks before the vote, support is growing. Only one ballot is necessary to formalize the successor to Michael Ignatieff.

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