Trudeau supports several requests Quebec

chef-liberal-justin-trudeau-ottawa(Ottawa) If he wins the election on October 19, the head of Justin Trudeau Liberal Party agrees to negotiate with the provinces a new long-term agreement on the financing of health care that would take account of rising costs must absorb the provinces and the aging of the population.

In a four-page letter he sent to Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard yesterday, Mr. Trudeau said that “transfers to the provinces is an issue of prime importance in federal-provincial relations. Unlike Mr. [Stephen] Harper, I do not intend to address this issue unilaterally. ”

The letter from Mr. Trudeau, La Presse has obtained, is a response to the letter sent last week has Mr. Couillard to the leaders of all political parties in the context of the federal election campaign, in which he asked a “clear” commitment to a number of issues, including the transfer of health, equalization, the federal spending power, climate change, CBC funding, the anti-terrorism law and the toll on Champlain Bridge, among others.

Mr. Trudeau is the first of the leaders to respond to Mr. Couillard. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair also intends to follow the letter of the Quebec premier in the coming days, says one. It is not known the intentions of Conservative leader Stephen Harper.

In his letter, Mr. Trudeau said that a Liberal government will respect the “federal spirit” and provincial jurisdiction, noting that “the challenges we face can not be solved only from Ottawa. They require a true partnership between the federal government and the provinces and a federal vision that respects the jurisdictions of Quebec and the provinces. This requires a continuous dialogue. ”


Specifically, the Liberal leader is engaged, if he takes power, to:

> Hold an annual meeting with the premiers;

> Review the terms of equalization, if the fiscal framework permits;

> Respect the right of withdrawal of a province of a federal program with full compensation;

> Make “substantial investments” in infrastructure;

> Invite the premiers to accompany him to the Paris Conference on Climate Change in December;

> Protect supply management in the context of free trade negotiations;

> Increase funding for the CBC;

> Appoint bilingual judges to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Trudeau but did not specify in his letter the position of his party on the issue of the toll on the Champlain Bridge.

“The Liberal Party of Canada recognizes that, given the unique character of Quebec society, the Quebec government has special responsibilities. If my party comes to power, Quebecers can be assured that my government will respect this and will work with enthusiasm, working with your government to promote the French fact and Quebec culture in Canada and abroad. It’s part of who we are as Canadians, “also wrote Trudeau.

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