Trudeau to Quebec: no promises, but a room full

apres-arret-trois-rivieres-caravane(Quebec) liberal leader Justin Trudeau was brought to Quebec city without having in his pocket the slightest commitment to the capital. But he said that he had to be offered a “very nice meeting with Régis” Labeaume, the mayor, with a bonus room busy for a rally supporter.

The leader of the liberal Party of Canada was completed by the end of the day his first stay in Quebec since the election. Earlier, the outgoing minister accused him of having waited the 32nd day of the campaign to bring to the area.

In the wake of his meeting at the town hall, Mr. Trudeau said, “I find it distressing that the other federal leaders have come to Quebec without having met with the mayor Labeaume”.

In front of a dozen candidates, and an enthusiastic audience, in contrast to the rallies liberals of the past few years, piled up in a small room, it was suggested that the head-to-head has been cordial. He mentioned that, any young child, his father, the ex-prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was leading in the capital.

“I thought it was always the Carnival, there blagué. Now, I meet another “guy”, the mayor Labeaume! Always encounters colorful and productive.”

However, no promise has been made by the leader of the PLC. At a time when the mayor has said that he is satisfied that the conservatives have already agreed to admit two of the four requests on its electoral list, Justin Trudeau has avoided to clarify its commitments to the region.

In his eyes, the announcement of a grant of $ 75 million by the party of Stephen Harper at the national optics Institute has an air of promise of elections and “Quebecers deserve better than an ad electioneering”, and this, even if the leaders of the INO “waiting for this announcement for a long time. Canadians and Quebecers deserve better than promises of pork.”

He has not clarified if elected to head the government, he would invest in the modernization of the port – a folder to which the conservatives have given a green light, a centre of customs clearance at the airport or the creation of a nordic Institute at the University of Laval.

He has merely to mention the fact that all these projects could be funded by the pan-canadian program of $ 60 billion that it intends to put in place. Unlike the conservative opposition leader Stephen Harper, he argued, “the federal government should not be the one that announces this, which would be built in the region, in Quebec or elsewhere.”

NDP and CPC attacked

In front of its activists, Justin Trudeau has not booked a single attack to the Bloc québécois. He dodged the question when it was asked if the separatists are an opponent of concern. “The issues that concern people are the economy, jobs, our health system and how to work together to create growth.”

On the economic ground, he was again obliged to put in the same bag the conservative Stephen Harper and new democrat Thomas Mulcair. The first, ” said Mr. Trudeau, “is completely disconnected from the reality of people” pretending “all is well” while the country is experiencing “a second recession under the mandate of Mr. Harper”.

Golden, has supported the liberal, Mr. Mulcair does aspirerait to “continue the policy of fiscal” conservatives. In pursuing at any price the achievement of the “zero deficit” immediately, ” repeated Mr. Trudeau, the leader of the New democratic Party “will have to come back on all its promises made to Canadians.”

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